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What is Functional Medicine?

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What is Functional Medicine? Lacy Lain Wellness LLC

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine has emerged as a beacon of hope for individuals facing chronic health issues, offering a patient-centered approach that goes beyond merely addressing symptoms. In this blog post, we'll explore the personal journey that led me to functional medicine and delve into the core principles that make it a transformative tool for achieving optimal health.

My Journey to Functional Medicine: A Personal Revelation

Functional medicine became a focal point in my life when conventional medical approaches failed to provide relief for my chronic health condition. The frustration of hearing "everything looks normal" while experiencing debilitating symptoms prompted me to take charge of my health. Numerous doctor visits yielded no solutions, leading me to my knees asking the Lord for wisdom, and ultimately to the decision that I needed to uncover the root causes of my issues independently.

This search for answers led me to pursue education in functional medicine, a decision that has truly transformed my life and became the cornerstone of my career as a Functional Medicine Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and Functional Blood Work Specialist.

Functional Medicine: A Comprehensive Overview

At its core, functional medicine is a patient-centered approach that seeks to understand the root causes of health issues rather than merely addressing surface-level symptoms. My perspective, as a seasoned mentor and certified health coach, aligns with the core principles of functional medicine. It involves a thorough analysis of an individual's genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, as well as, labs and a comprehensive health history to create personalized and effective strategies for optimal health.

Functional medicine is far from a one-size-fits-all solution. It embraces a tailored and holistic approach, empowering individuals to take charge of their unique health journeys. This methodology resonates particularly well with women facing a spectrum of health challenges, from hormonal imbalances to digestive issues, providing them with a path to sustainable health and well-being.

A Holistic Approach: Looking at the Body as a Whole

A fundamental aspect of functional medicine is its holistic perspective, treating the body as an interconnected system. Drawing an analogy to a car, where each part is uniquely used for a different “system” but all must function properly as a whole for optimal performance, functional medicine recognizes that the mind, body, and soul all play crucial roles in overall health. Even if only addressing the physical aspects of the human body, functional medicine looks at each system of the body and how it functions in its place with the whole. 

Western medicine often adopts a systems-based approach, focusing on specialized fields and symptoms. Functional medicine, on the other hand, looks at the entire body's functionality, considering the impact of physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being on internal processes. This approach sets the stage for a deeper understanding of the intricate web of influences on one's health.

Functional Medicine: A Brief History

Functional medicine isn't a recent phenomenon; it emerged in the early 1990s, pioneered by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, a biochemist and nutritional researcher. Dr. Bland envisioned a shift from the conventional symptom-focused model to a patient-centered, integrative approach. This departure from the one-size-fits-all paradigm emphasized the uniqueness of each individual's health journey.

Today, functional medicine has evolved into a widely recognized and practical approach to healthcare. Embraced by an increasing number of healthcare practitioners, including certified health and nutrition coaches, it unravels the complexities of chronic health conditions through advanced diagnostic testing and personalized treatment plans.

Why Functional Medicine Matters: Personalization is Key

The essence of functional medicine lies in its personalized approach. It recognizes that each person has a unique life story, shaped by genetics, environment, and lifestyle. While finding the original root cause may be challenging, functional medicine aims to address current chronic issues by identifying underlying imbalances.

This personalized approach is the key to empowering women to regain their energy, overcome hormonal imbalances, and experience sustainable wellness. It goes beyond symptom management or bandaid solutions. It aims to steer clear of a system that relies solely on medications without addressing the root issues.

However, Functional Medicine recognizes the role of a healthcare team for the successful health outcome of a patient or client. Working in tandem with a PCP or other healthcare provider, regardless of their title (western or functional) has been shown in multiple studies to lead to better outcomes for clients and patients. It is a well-balanced approach that is beneficial to all parties involved. 

Simple Tips to Embrace Functional Medicine Practices

Implementing functional medicine practices into daily life doesn't have to be daunting. Here are some simple tips to get started:

  1. Mindful Nutrition: Embrace whole, nutrient-dense foods, avoid processed options, and pay attention to how different foods impact your body. Personalize your approach based on how your body reacts to specific foods.
  2. Stress Management: Prioritize stress reduction through practices like deep breathing, prayer, or simply being still. Recognize the impact of stress on overall health and its role in exacerbating symptoms.
  3. Lifestyle Adjustment: Focus on adequate sleep, regular exercise, and a consistent daily routine, specifically morning and evening to balance cortisol and other hormones. Small, sustainable changes contribute to holistic health and wellness over time.
  4. Track and Reflect: Keep a wellness journal to monitor symptoms, food intake, and lifestyle factors. Reflecting on patterns can provide valuable insights for creating a personalized health strategy. My Holistic Health Hub has a Wellness Journal you can download for free and start using today!
  5. Build a Support System: Engage with your community, online or in person, to share experiences and provide mutual support. Being part of a supportive community fosters motivation and accountability.

Unlocking the Potential of Functional Medicine

In essence, functional medicine offers a journey back to the basics of optimal health. While it may seem like a new and fancy term, it's about building habits of health slowly, steadily, and consistently. This personalized approach provides a pathway to understanding the intricacies of our unique health stories and addresses current health issues by identifying underlying imbalances.

As you embark on your functional medicine journey, remember that it's not just a trend; it's a transformative tool that empowers women to take control of their health and wellness. Whether you're frustrated with conventional approaches or seeking a holistic perspective, functional medicine opens the door to a personalized and sustainable path to true optimal health.

The Power of Functional Medicine in Hormonal Imbalances

One of the pivotal areas where functional medicine shines is in addressing hormonal imbalances. Many women grapple with issues like irregular menstrual cycles, PCOS, and thyroid imbalances. Traditional medicine often prescribes standard treatments without delving into the root causes. Here, functional medicine's personalized approach allows for a deep exploration of hormonal intricacies, leading to tailored solutions that address each individual's unique physiology and lifestyle.

Consider the analogy of a finely tuned orchestra. In a symphony, each instrument plays a crucial role, and if one is out of tune, it affects the entire composition. Similarly, hormonal imbalances can create a discordant melody in the body's symphony. Functional medicine acts as the conductor, harmonizing the hormonal orchestra by identifying and addressing the root causes.

Navigating the Digestive Maze: Functional Medicine's Approach to Gut Health

Digestive issues, including chronic irritable bowels, constant gas bloating, and abdominal pain, often leave individuals feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Functional medicine excels in unraveling the complexities of the digestive system, akin to solving a puzzle. Instead of merely prescribing medications to alleviate symptoms, it seeks to understand the unique puzzle pieces contributing to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Picture the digestive system as a dynamic puzzle board with various pieces representing different factors such as diet, gut microbiome, and stress levels. Functional medicine practitioners, doctors, and coaches guide women in placing these pieces together, creating a comprehensive picture that guides personalized interventions. This holistic approach fosters a deeper understanding of the digestive system, leading to sustainable relief and improved overall well-being.

Unlocking the Mind-Body Connection: Functional Medicine's Impact on Mental Health

Beyond physical symptoms, functional medicine acknowledges the intricate connection between the mind and body. Issues like anxiety and depression are not isolated to the brain but often rooted in underlying imbalances affecting the entire body. Traditional approaches may focus solely on mental health interventions, overlooking the broader systemic factors at play.

The communication system in the body is made up of multiple parts all producing, converting, or informing hormones. These chemicals play a powerful role in the body’s function from mental health to physical health and with proper support can help women who are struggling with anxiety or depression. 

The Role of Functional Medicine in Skin Health: Beyond Surface Solutions

For women dealing with unexplained skin issues such as acne, Rosacea, rash, or hives, functional medicine offers a refreshing departure from topical treatments that merely scratch the surface. The skin reflects internal health, and addressing skin concerns necessitates understanding the body's internal balance.

Think of the skin as a mirror reflecting the body's internal landscape. Functional medicine doctors, practitioners, and coaches, armed with the knowledge of bio-nutrients and personalized interventions, guide individuals in restoring balance from the inside out. This approach not only alleviates skin issues but also contributes to overall health and wellness, reinforcing the interconnected nature of the body's systems.

Bringing It All Together: A BALANCED Framework for Success

As a mentor and functional medicine coach, my journey involves guiding women through the intricacies of supporting their bodies properly, for optimal functioning. My signature framework  "BALANCED" encapsulates the multifaceted approach encompassing the bio-individuality of each client. 

I use the BALANCED framework as a compass guiding individuals through their health journeys. Each element plays a vital role in steering toward optimal health, reflecting the comprehensive and personalized nature of functional medicine. My expertise lies in weaving these elements together, creating a tailored roadmap that empowers women to reclaim their health and wellness. This ultimately leads to proper and optimal functioning, regained energy, better sleep, and more. 

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