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I help women with...

Reversing Hormonal Chaos and Supporting Thyroid Function
Depression, Anxiety and Mood Imbalances
Digestive Issues + Difficulting Losing or Gaining Weight

For women who are serious about fixing their chronic health problems


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Is Dwelling in the Shadow of a Chronic Health Issue Keeping You From Living the Life You Desire?


Exhausted from your doctor just wanting to give you more meds for your health problems?

That's where I was, and now I teach women just like you how to go from unhealthy to healthy and take your health into your own hands to live life the way you're called to.

Painful Cramping? Irregular Periods? Headaches?

Chronic Constipation? Diarrhea? Digestive Issues?

Exhaustion? Chronic Fatigue? Daily Energy Crashes?

Anxiety? Depression? Major Mood Swings?

What is it costing you to continue in the same state of health you're in?

The stakes? Missing out on the chance to regain control over YOUR health, balanced hormones, and emotional regulation. It's a crossroads moment – one path leads to ongoing suffering, the other to transformative healing. My program is the map guiding YOU to a future of OPTIMAL health and wellness.

How will life look a year from now if you do nothing or choose another avenue?



What can you do when you keep hearing that your labs are "normal"?

When your medications don't seem to work, or they make you feel even worse?

You're confused and frustrated because you've tried everything and no one seems to understand or be able help?

Are you ready for a real solution?

I'm Lacy, the Functional Medicine Woman...


and I get it – navigating the maze of health issues can be exhausting. I've been there, felt the frustration, and grappled with the overwhelming search for answers.

But here's the exciting part: imagine a life where you're no longer held captive by chronic health struggles. Picture yourself thriving, with balanced hormones, boundless energy, and emotional well-being. That's the destination I guide my clients toward. I'm not the hero swooping in; I'm the seasoned guide showing you the way to a future filled with OPTIMAL health and wellness. Let's jump into this transformative journey together, where you become the hero of your own health story.

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