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 Functional Medicine for Women



A BALANCED life doesn’t happen overnight. Get researched backed insights each week to help you take control of your healthcare journey.

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Welcome to Functional Medicine for Women, the podcast dedicated to educating and empowering women to take their health into their own hands.

Join host Lacy Lain, The Functional Medicine Woman, as she unravels women's chronic health issues that are ignored or burshed off as "normal," by mainstream healthcare, offering insights, discoveries, and holistic solutions through the lens of functional medicine FOR Women.

Whether it's thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, or overall health, discover the path to optimal wellness tailored specifically for women. This is your go-to resource for evidence-based insights, and lifestyle medicine.

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Access the top episodes:

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Episode 01: My Story and Journey to Functional Medicine

🎧 29 min listen

Episode 02: What is Functional Medicine?

🎧 28 min listen

Episode 03: Western Medicine vs. Functional Medicine

🎧 25 min listen

Episode 04: 10 Reasons Women Need Functional Medicine

🎧 24 min listen

Episode 05: Why am I not better if I'm taking supplements?

🎧 22 min listen

Episode 06: 7 Reasons Women Need Functional Medicine When They Have Chronic Thyroid Issues
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Meet Lacy Lain,

The Functional Medicine Woman

Host of Functional Medicine for Women
Lacy Lain is a follower of Jesus, wife to a 2-time cancer survivor, and mom to 3. She is a Functional Lab Work Specialist and expert in hormone and thyroid health, who has battled her own hormone issues.


Her mission is to educate and equip women to nurture & nourish their families by prioritizing a lifestyle of optimal wellness that will impact generations to come. She wants to empower women with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their health, using a personalized approach to health and wellness. She is happy to stand on the front lines of the Functional Medicine revolution that is more needed in our culture than ever.
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As a non-diet Christian coach and one of Lacy's clients, I am so thankful for this podcast! I'm not interested in quick fixes or purely symptom management, and these episodes are just what I need for the right education of systematic whole body health. As a firm believer in the body of Christ, I know it's all connected and now I have the language to talk about how the body communicates from a high level view. Keep empowering us, Lacy! 

Kasey Shuler, ACSM

Founder and CEO of the Joyful Health Collective

Lacy brings genuine authenticity to her podcast, making it standout in the health realm. Each episode is a goldmine of holistic health insights, empowering women to own their wellness journey. With actionable advice, and a supportive community, this podcast is essential for those pursuing personalized health solutions and seeking insights into functional medicine's role in women's well-being. You must listen!

 Allison Smith, FNP-BC

Founder Allison & Wellness

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