Is Dwelling in the Shadow of a Chronic Health Issue Keeping You From Living the Life You Desire?

Exhausted from your doctor just wanting to give you more meds for your health problems?

That's where I was and now I educate women on how I went from unhealthy to healthy and took my health into my own hands in order to live life on my terms.


 From unhealthy to healthy...

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You still have questions when you walk out of your doctor's office. 
  • You keep hearing things "look normal" but you don't feel normal?
  • You want to feel better but you don't know where to start.
  • You are exhausted from trying every program out there and not getting lasting results
  • You feel like you're just doomed to feel like this for the rest of your life.
  • You're sick of feeling like a burden to your family because you never feel good enough to do anything

The Problem?

This was where I was at. I learned that our doctors aren't trained to help with chronic health issues. They keep prescribing different medications to fix our issues, but those medications just lead to more issues, more meds, and more doctor visits to hear one of two things...

- "Your labs look fine."

- "I can give you this medication to help with that."


Heard that before?

I sure did and I got tired of it.

I wanted my life back and now... I want to teach you what I've learned.


Feeling exhausted yet your doctor keeps telling you everything looks normal?

I got so tired of hearing this. So, I took my health into my own hands. I stopped going to the doctor uneducated and learned how to go into my appointments equipped to work together for the best health outcome for myself.

I can teach you how to do the same. 

You could…

  • Finally, feel like yourself again
  • Actually feel like getting out and doing "all the things" with your family
  • Not be exhausted after just making dinner or folding one load of laundry
  • Learn to work with your doctor (even if they aren't trained in Functional Medicine)

The right program can make all the difference. We'll walk you through creating a personalized wellness plan for YOU based on YOUR needs and desires.



Total Body Balance:

Comprehensive Wellness Program 

Video Poster Image

Are you ready to not be chained down by a diagnosis or the continual search for a diagnosis thinking that's the answer??

This program is designed to teach you 

  • How the 5 Fundamentals of Health have transformed lives
  • How to work with your Doctor for YOUR best outcome
  • The researched tools that YOU need for a personalized approach to health
  • Use an array of tools such as your labs, intake forms, and wellness logs.

With this program, you can start living in optimal wellness!

5-Step Framework in the

Total Body Balance...


Personal Wellness History

When you schedule your first appointment:

  • In an in-depth session utilizing your Personal Wellness Map
  • You will learn how to create a Personal Wellness Plan using all the tools in your toolbox: logs, wellness questionnaires, labs and more.

This will be the foundation of your personalized program.


5 Fundamentals of Health 

This workshop series is a quick and convenient way to give you the knowledge you need to confidently understand Lifestyle Medicine

  • Listen on-the-go with easy to listen to audio and video
  • Use these as tools in your toolbox for the duration of the program and beyond
  • From Functional Nutrition to Hormone Health we've got you covered

This educational content was created by a team of doctors and healthcare practitioners for the best quality education and tools for everyday functional wellness. 


Mind-Body Medicine

The best part of the program:

  • The MBM-3 Lifestyle Method Approach for true change (you'll work together to implement the ones that serve you best)
  • All the best Lifestyle Medicine suggestions and recommendations that Lacy uses in her own life 

This part of the program simplifies getting healthy.


Roadmap for Success

Just knowing the ins and outs of Lifestyle Medicine isn't always enough. Even if you know them well it can be hard to put them into a personalized plan...

  • Lacy will show you her framework for using the Personal Wellness History, 5 Fundamentals of Health, and the principles in Mind-Body-Medicine to create a Roadmap for Success 
  • You’ll finish this program with a final (self)evaluation and the next steps for lifelong wellness. 


For many, this is a simple and easy-to-follow plan. However, you may have questions along the way...

  • Email support during the program 
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions with Lacy, Weekly Check-Ins, and monthly health coach support.
  • A portal with FAQs and other resources when you need extra help

You’ll finish this program with a final evaluation and the option for a maintenance plan. 

This Program Is For You If...

  • You are done being exhausted by information overload + want a research-based approach to learning about YOUR health
  • You are done searching Google to find something that can help you get healthy
  • You dream of living a life of health and wellness but don't know where to start
  • You don't want your chronic issues holding you back for lack of education

I'm Lacy Lain

And I have been where you are. I have walked out of doctor's offices defeated and discouraged. Tired of hearing that taking birth control and Metformin was the answer to my health problems. 

That's when I decided to go back to school and learn everything I could about Functional Medicine and healing from Chronic Health Issues. I started out just wanting to fix my own issues, teach my kids better, and figure out the best possible nutrition and lifestyle for my husband (a 2-time leukemia survivor).

However, as I walked through the process I knew I had to share my education with other women. There's a better way! It is possible to get healthy and lifestyle medicine is amazing!

"It haven't ever eaten this healthy without any cravings for unhealthy food before!"

- Mila

"I finally feel like I have the energy to take care of my family."

- Laura

"Lacy is fantastic. I highly recommend working with her. "

- Dawn

"One of the reasons I chose to do this program was because I was overweight and had just had back surgery. I knew if I didn’t change something that I would never be able to be truly active and enjoy my life to the fullest.

I had tried other diets or plans but I either felt wired up or sluggish. When I realized this was able to balance my hormones and regulate my body as well as lose the excess weight I decided it was worth a try. 

I have been struggling with my weight and hormones for the past six years. I hurt my back and wasn’t able to exercise or be very active. 

I started this program 3 months ago and I am ecstatic. I have lost 53 pounds, I no longer have back pain, and am sleeping better than I have in years. 

I can't wait for the next three months to see what else I can accomplish."

 - Didi


Total Body Balance 

Comprehensive Wellness Program

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